Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Photography In A Kayak: Sonoma County

We were just getting ready to lower the two man kayak into the Estero Americano when I glanced up and saw the color beginning to form on the eastern horizon. Drop everything and grab your camera! The light will be very fleeting and if you are not ready, camera, tripod, settings - all ready to go - chances are you will miss the splendor. This light had just come on and it was gone within five or six minutes at the most. But what a great beginning to our first adventure down the Estero Americano!

Paddling down this narrow waterway you are treated to a unique perspective on the ranches in the area. It of course is very quiet with only the sounds of nature and an occasional cow bleating. 

And then you come across these unusual sights that make you wonder just what was here fifty or a hundred years ago. Like this fence sticking out over the estero, as if it were a fence to nowhere. Yet it must have served a definite purpose back in the day before the water claimed the bank. It was a strange sight that sparked the imagination.

These little fences were all along portions of the estero as if they were intended to keep the fish from swimming out of the channel into shallow water. Who knows? 

All in all this adventure to the ocean was a wonderful experience. My son in law-  and rowing and shooting partner -  Francisco Montes, captured images of birds in flight and of deer jumping into the water and swimming across to, obviously, greener pastures. Wow! Once to the ocean we had time to rest up for the trek back to the car. All in all it was about a nine hours from start to finnish with five hours on the water. And yes we were both quite sore the next day but every ache was totally worth it.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Finding Photos On Memory Lane

It is time to sit down and write my blog. I have been very busy getting ready for some art shows coming up in April. At one of them, Day on the Green, I will have my own booth which means I will be able to have lots of images available. I have shown in galleries and at art shows before but I have never had a booth at an event. It is a completely new experience and getting ready entails a lot of preparation. One of the many things I have been doing is going through the archives of my images looking for ones I had would like to print and share. It seemed at first a daunting task to go through all of my old images, but I have come to enjoy it as it has become a walk down memory lane. Every now and then I find an image I had previously overlooked, like the image above which was taken in 2012 in Acadia National Park. I had climbed down the cliffs (at the far end) and had been shooting along the shore. When I was finished I climbed out on the near end and came upon this vantage point and stopped to shoot.

On the same trip, there was a four masted schooner in the harbor at Barr Harbor. Another image I had forgotten, it was taken first thing in the morning. The light was still on in the little guardhouse but no sign of anyone anywhere. This picture is made up of two images stitched together in order to capture the whole scene and the reason why it has a bit of a panorama feel to it.

A couple of days before shooting the ship, I was in Kennebunkport, Maine, and happened into a gallery. There was a photograph of a little rowboat in the fog, suspended in a peaceful meditative moment. It was an uncomplicated image that oozed calm and serenity. From then on, every time I arrive at a harbor I start looking for little rowboats that might express a similar moment. So far I am still looking as it takes just the right size and shape of boat along with, perhaps, misty foggy weather conditions to enhance the mood.  The image above is almost what I have been looking to find.

Well, it is time to stop daydreaming and get back to my preparations for the show. Hope to see you back here next week.

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