Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Searching For Poppies In Sonoma County

Buddies are priceless. I have a good buddy, Jerry Huffaker. He rides his bike around Sonoma County traversing a innumerable back roads. He is also a budding photographer so he has been noticing certain things on his rides. Like wild flowers. Today he treated me to an excursion with our cameras, to one of the roads on which he has been enjoying wild flowers for the past few years.

Our first stop was this little farm located along the road with a sweet patch of California Poppies in their pasture. We had to shoot through the fence to get some images and wished we had access to get in closer to the flowers. This was taken with a Sony 55-210mm lens at a 114mm 35mm equivalent focal length.

Driving a bit farther down the road we came to wild flowers growing between the road and the vineyards.  This was taken with a wide angle lens at a 35mm equivalent 15mm.

We spent the rest of our time shooting these flowers, experimenting with different apertures, lenses, focal lengths and perspectives.  This image was taken with an aperture of f/10 and a 35mm equivalent focal length of 315mm.

This last image was also taken with the telephoto lens but with an aperture of f/6.3.  It was a fun outing and so satisfying to be reminded once again of the beauty of Sonoma County. 

If you enjoyed these images you might like to visit Bob's fine art landscape photography on his web site by clicking here.clicking here

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